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This year isn’t over yet, but having had a few intense, whirlwind weeks in our recent schedule, we’re taking inventory of some of our accomplishments of 2012 and we’re beyond pleased. The last couple of weeks especially have been notable for us as we announced a new Enterprise API Platform, launched our Open Developer Community, and saw that our concept of Enterprise API Management was being openly embraced by the industry at CloudExpo. So it’s with great pride that we announce today that SOA Software has been named “One of the Most Innovative Companies of 2012″ by Best in Biz Awards. 

Apparently, more than 400 companies were in the running for this award, and it included a variety of both public and private organizations in a variety of industries and geographic regions across the U.S. and Canada. Best in Biz uses judges from top-tier business and technology media companies who review products, solutions, executives and companies in an array of fields. SOA Software was primarily singled out for our general innovation and thought leadership, and how that is borne out through our products and relationships with customers. 

We were recognized for innovation in our Enterprise API Platform, and specifically for having the most comprehensive, highest performing solution for managing APIs. Since that’s a core business for us, being recognized for it makes us extremely happy. Our customers repeatedly give us positive feedback, and when we engage with stakeholders at events like CloudExpo, we get a chance to hear first-hand how our solutions compare with others in the industry. We certainly do our own benchmarking as well, and are aware of what is going on in the fields of enterprise API management, SOA governance and general software transaction management. But to hear an independent organization single us out like this means that we’re doing something right and something noticeable. 

For a growing, private and progressive company, we look at an award like this as validation that what we’re doing is actually helping to change the way people work. Our goals have always been to make certain aspects of software management simpler and more effective. With an emphasis on API management and SOA governance, we have sought out some key areas that are necessary elements of any organization’s IT strategy, and we’ve tried to help these organizations get more out of their investments. So to be thought of as “innovative” is a huge compliment.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at our recent innovations, we invite you to learn about our Enterprise API Management platform and our Open Developer Community. And as always, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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