Roberto Medrano

Is it possible to find a more inspiring place to discuss technology (or, for that matter, ANY subject) than Paris? Imagine walks along the Seine while debating security protocols, gazing at l’Arc de Triomphe and considering the many Web Services standards, sipping a fine Châteauneuf-du-Pape and scribbling enterprise API models on your accompanying napkin. Ahhhh, Paris in the Fall…there should be a song written about it (perhaps one that details the burgeoning tech scene in that wonderful city. May not be the most romantic topic, but it would be accurate.)

We were treated to lively conversations about API development and usage during this month’s API Days in the City of Lights, and it was an incredible entree to our new foray into France. Seeing and interacting with tech leaders and influential French thinkers was energizing and a reminder of how vibrant the French tech scene is. The start-up culture thrives there, and demand to build IT infrastructures and improve online business transactions is increasingly becoming part of the fabric of most French companies. Changes in the global economy are driving much of this, but so is the innovative mindset that prevails in France. We see increasing interest among French companies in expanding their online transactional and commerce capabilities, and our conversations with many of them are directly about enterprise API management and services governance.

Our company continues to expand and grow all over the world, but we’re especially excited about the deeper penetration into this incredible market. France is home to 39 of the world’s largest companies, and it ranks 4th in the Fortune Global 500. We’ve always had good relationships with customers and partners there, and with the hiring of two new executives, we’re pushing towards having a sustainable and impactful presence in France. 

Emmanuel Dubois is SOA Software’s new France Country Manager; Monsieur Dubois knows this market perhaps as well as any tech exec. He has deep knowledge of it by way of stints at BEA Systems and Oracle, and we’re excited that he’s bringing his skills to work for us. Olivier Laplace has also come aboard, in the capacity of our country Technical Director. Monsieur Laplace has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise technology, and is recognized as an influential thought-leader in service-oriented approaches to application infrastructures. We are so pleased that these two gentlemen will be leading our efforts in the French market.

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