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It’s self serving, promotional, and we’re drawing attention to ourselves, but what the hell, there’s no other way to say it: 2012 was a TREMENDOUS year for SOA Software. It used to be that the ebb and flow of the calendar year somewhat mirrored the business cycle – quarters started slow and ended with a lot of activity, December was quiet and uneventful. But around here the pace ramped up before the year started and hasn’t stopped going strong. We’ve been able to catch our breath, but the coming year promises to be just as eventful.

We’ve been fortunate during the course of our time in business that we’ve been able to leverage great insight from our own employees as well as customers and partners in order to provide constant and continuous innovation. This has been a hallmark of what we do – in terms of helping enterprises develop and manage a their applications framework through services governance and API management. It helps them lay the foundation for their own growth through extension of their products and services. Well, “growth”, whether among our customers or in our own business, was the primary theme this year, and we can point to a global expansion and expanded product lines as the key drivers for much of our success in 2012.

It started on the heals of an excellent 2011 where we realized one of our best years ever and were recognized by Gartner for our SOA governance leadership. Citing our robust product and solution offerings in SOA governance technology for tracking, monitoring, compliance and policy management, Gartner added us to their “Leaders” part of their Magic Quadrant for SOA Governance Technologies. We’ve enjoyed our relationship with Gartner and continue to work closely with the smart people there. Later in the year, our CTO Alistair Farquharson  spoke at Gartner’s Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit. Then the company was recognized as a “Leader” in two Forrester Research Waves –reports on Integrated SOA Governance and SOA Life Cycle Management. SOA Software was named as a key vendor dominating the Global SOA Governance market 2011-2014 and was honored as one of the most innovative companies of 2012. As a result of positive reviews of their SOA Software Enterprise API Platform, SOA Software received Gold status by Golden Bridge Awards for API Management. The USCA awarded the company the top recognition in the Unified SOA Governance and API Management category.

Major growth happened on a lot of fronts besides the bottom line. In 2012, SOA Software, which previously already has offices in London and Johannesburg, added to our global footprint with new teams and offices in the Middle East which primarily serves our expanding customer base in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We also established a new presence in Australia and New Zealand, a market that includes large banking, telecommunications and government customers. So far, we’ve seen a great deal of success and and acceptance in this region. So too, we were delighted to embark upon a new base of European operations in France. This was an especially prescient announcement for us, as we’re seeing increasing interest among French companies in expanding their online transactional and commerce capabilities, and our conversations with many of them are directly about enterprise API management and services governance. In our travels around the globe we’ve already started working with some wonderful new customers and have had an opportunity to see best practices at a deeper global level.

A lot of what we are able to accomplish comes as a result of our relationships with platform and technology partners. Our ecosystem of providers and integrators continued to grow in 2012 with some very important and strategic announcements with our partners. Microsoft figured prominently in our plans this past year; we extended our Microsoft Gold ISV certification and we launched a new product specifically designed for Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). With the goal of helping customers govern a wide range of Microsoft Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) use cases, we provided a tool that was prebuilt, pretested, and governance-ready WCF services, clients, tools, policy, and documentation. Our relationship with IBM produced some added benefits for their WebSphere DataPower product. We augmented the IBM WebSphere DataPower customer experience with a new release of Policy Manager for DataPower.  The new “Ready-to-use” SOA governance solution builds on the company’s extensive experience integrating SOA run time components and reduces administrative overhead, and ensures consistent policy and service definition. In addition, DataPower users will benefit from additional security and provisioning features in our Policy Manager product. Doing so means radically reduced Datapower administration burdens.

And if anything demonstrates growth, it’s a huge number, and we were able to tout a particularly huge one in 2012 – 50 billion. That’s the number of transactions our products enable per year (and that number is growing every day). we talked a lot about enabling the API economy, and when we see how much we are relied upon to be the foundation for online transactions, we have very solid evidence that the API economy is thriving and making our customers prosperous.  We published the eBook, Building Successful APIs. Our message of enterprise API management took on a fervor as we saw that enterprises are increasingly making business applications available as APIs in order to drive business growth and expose new revenue and partnership opportunities. We stressed the need for API management in the Cloud, and used our extensive experience in the legacy of SOA to provide insight into API management, which was evident in our product offerings and customer implementations this year.

The advancements in our product offerings got the attention of our peers and others in the industry. The USCA gave us their top award in the Unified SOA Governance and API Management category, and we received a Golden Bridge award for Application Development Innovation. For me personally, 2012 was eventful, and although I would have liked to have seen my beloved USC Trojans compete for a national championship, it was much more gratifying to know that I was a part of this incredible company. For the work I do here, I was honored and humbled to be recognized by the Hispanic IT Executive Council as one of the Top 100 Influential people in Information Technology.

So, yes, our growth this year — 52% increase in year-over-year revenue — was phenomenal, and it feels good to know that our products, people and solutions are reaching an ever-increasing number of enterprises, users and consumers. But we’re nothing without our stakeholders, which is why we launched Open, the Web’s most scalable, capable and usable API developer platform. Since launch in November, we’ve enabled thousands of developers with their own efforts, and are starting to see thoughtful and productive collaboration among community members.

In going through the past year, I allowed myself to sit back, take a deep breath and indulge in a bit of satisfaction. Indeed, it was a very, very good year. But the calls keep coming in, my calendar is full of meetings with new partners and customers, and the future needs to be tended to. In the halls of our Los Angeles office, optimism is high and spirits are energized, and we’re looking forward to another incredible year in 2013. We’re glad you’re along for the ride while we continue our growth.

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